September 11, 2018

September 4, 2018

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The Frugal Fashionista 

Hey hey, Thrifters! I am Patrice McKenzie, founder of Thrift Out Loud. Thrift Out Loud is a thrift fashion blog dedicated to helping millennial women dress professionally and fashionably on a budget. I created Thrift Out Loud because I  believe every woman deserves to look their best regardless of their financial status. I offer a variety of services to educate women on fashion and budgeting. In addition, I host fun fashion-forward events for millennial women that support non-profits that align with my mission. 


  My Mission

“Thrift Out Loud is dedicated to helping millennial women shop for stylish threads and save money; all while on a budget. We do this because every woman deserves to look her best and feel her best”


My Vision

“Helping millennial women dress for less and feel fabulous ” 


November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving Thrifters! 

I just wanted to stop by and say I’m so thankful and grateful for you all! Thank you so much for supporting Thrift Out Loud and it’s mission. Thrift Out Loud is more than showcasing thrifty clothes but it’s to encourage women they can look their best and live their best life for less no matte...

November 9, 2018

Yup that's right! Most of you all know I'm on a budget. This is why I like to shop thrifty. Not just for clothes but for everything in my life. In addition to thrift shopping, I love going to Aldi's and the Dollar Stores because I can get groceries and house hold items for cheap. Ever since  moved out on my own, I've been...

September 11, 2018

Hey Hey Thrifters! 

Summer is winding down and fall is around the corner! Sept 22nd to be exact. So how are you preparing to #LevelUp your fall fashion attire? Well for the first thing I did was ask myself, "Do I need this?"  and"Where will I wear this?" Once I asked these 2 questions I realized I had way too many clothes....

September 4, 2018

Hey hey Thrifters! 

A few month I asked you all on IG what money making moves should I bring to Thrift Out Loud. Most of you answered Get You Money Right! I'm so glad I got to interview Tremaine Wills founder of Mind Over Money LLC and the creator of the Get Your Money Right Facebook Group.

So what is Mind over Money LLC? 


June 10, 2018

Hey hey Thrifters! 

I hope all is well :) I haven't posted  a bog in a while. You may have seen me post on IG and Facebook on  a somewhat weekly basis. And I've been blessed with opportunities to speak at nonprofits. I've been doing what I can while still trying to have  a positive impact with my brand....

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Hey Trendy Thrifters and Budgetinsta Beauties! Have questions or want to colab? Feel free to hit me up! I'd be happy to chat with you :)



"Patrice has been such a great resource for our clients. Her presentation was well received. Clients were shocked with the quality of outfits she put together for under ten bucks. I look forward to having her back in 2017."

—  Markisha Kennedy , Dress For Success Pittsburgh

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