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Classy and Fabulous: Coco Chanel Inspired Thrift Find

February 11, 2017




Hey hey Thrifters!


This suit reminds me of a Coco Chanel suit. Very classy, classic, and of course fabulous! I purchased this in November 2015 during my shopping trip to Thriftique. I won a certificate for $100 dollars to use at the store. I bought  so many awesome finds. With the certificate I didn't have to pay for this suit out of pocket. Luckily it was 1/2 day at Thriftique so this entire suit was only $15. What a deal!


But I’m not going to lie, I debated buying it.  Being the thrifty person that I am, I was so apprehensive in spending my own money. I told myself it was too fancy for me. I thought to myself “Where will I wear this? Can I even wear this to work?”  I went back and forth. At one point I even put it back on the rack. But my mom (my thrift shopping cheerleader) and a random shopper, strongly encouraged me to buy it. They saw how torn I looked. They assured me it was a great suit, not too fancy and perfect for work. Plus, the price was so good, I’d kick myself if I passed it up. I’m glad they convinced me. I’ve worn this suit to work and other occasions. It works well together as a suit or for separates ( just the blazer with black dress bottoms or the skirt with a long sleeve black professional top.)  Definitely a staple in my closet. It was overall a good purchase:)


One of my most favorite quotes from the infamous Coco Chanel-






P. McKenzie


Photo Credit- polyvore.com and Kesha Silver 

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